Iron Facts

Things to know about iron filters.

Pyrolox Iron Tanks

Removes iron, sulfur and manganese. Controls dirt, odors, turbidity and reduces chlorine.

Greensand Tanks

Economical way to remove large amounts of iron from well water.

Chlorine Injection

These units not only control iron, they also remove other pollutants such as iron bacteria, coliform bacteria, ecoli bacteria, sulfur and odors.

Birm Filter Tanks

An efficient way to remove Iron and Manganese.

Acid Neutralizer Tanks

A low maintenance solution for acidic water.

Iron Filters For Problem Well Water

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Our Iron Filters remove iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, chlorine, tastes, smells and many other contaminants for pennies a day. Our water filtration systems are made with only national name brand water treatment system components. Whether you are just removing iron or you need to remove a host of contaminants such as sulfur, sediment, bacteria, heavy metals etc., we offer the right water treatment and purification system for you. All of our water conditioners are top of the line, the very best water treatment equipment money can buy. Available throughout the United States and Canada.

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Our iron filters, water softener systems, chemical feed and injection systems and whole house water treatment systems are guaranteed for 5 years. You will also receive free telephone and email support for the life of your equipment. Whether you are just trying to get rid of the iron, or you need to remove other foreign substances like sulfur, sediment and bacteria, we hope to be the answer to all of your water treatment and purification needs.

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